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  • Are alcohol and drugs becoming “all there is”?
  • Have you found it’s been impossible to “just stop” on your own?
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      I work with clients 18 and up.

      Totally confidential. Professionals are welcome and can count on discretion.

      I can also point you in good direction for legal assistance as well.


      Intervention Services

      Aim to help the family of an addict convince their loved one of the damage their addictive behavior is causing.

      Outreach Specialist

      Outreach provides education and direction, in finding the right treatment.

      Working to assist these clients needing treatment through various health care providers.

      I help return clients back to the professionals care and more if requested. We’re all here to help the addict and alcoholic find a better more productive life.

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      From Chicago and traveling through the Midwest and more, I will be representing an addiction treatment center.

      I’ll assist the client in starting their sobriety away from their toxic environment–away from all triggers which can be very helpful for those having difficulty with any program.

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      Select an Interventionist

      Non-professionals are strongly advised against holding drug and alcohol interventions without the aid of a professional interventionist.

      Plan the Intervention

      Because every situation is very different, each intervention needs to be carefully tailored to meet the demands of that situation.

      Conduct the Intervention

      When the time comes to conduct the drug and alcohol intervention, it is important to follow any preparations made, but also to be flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances.

      Drug Addiction Interventions • Alcohol Interventions • Mental Disorder Interventions

      I partner with certified addiction treatment centers.

      To help with identifying specific help for your needs from alcohol and drug abuse, I consult with one of the best treatment centers in the country.


      Medically Monitored Detox

      Medically-monitored detoxification services are an ideal option for residents requiring prescribed medication for the management of withdrawal.


      Residential Program

      Inpatient program provides time to stabilize emotions, heal and focus on learning new skills, behaviors and ways of thinking that will help with returning to outside life.


      Partial Hospitalization

      PHP offers intensive therapeutic individual and group treatments, teaches healthy coping skills, and the formation of behaviors and ways of thinking.


      Intensive Outpatient

      Treatment consists of activities and therapeutic elements that are available to a client, including group and individual counseling.


      Chronic Pain Program

      Chronic pain is any pain that lasts more than 12 weeks, ranging from a dull continuous pain to more severe pain.


      Professionals Program

      This program takes into account the important components of your life such as living environment, family dynamics and work obligation.

      Alcohol Addiction

      The signs of alcoholism include an inability to control your drinking, withdrawal symptoms when you attempt to stop drinking, and continued cravings to drink even when it negatively affects your life.

      Drug Addiction

      Drug addiction has been classified as a disease by the medical community. Just like any other health-related condition, addiction needs to be appropriately treated as an illness by qualified professionals.


      The goal of an intervention is to convince the person to get treatment for their problem. An intervention should be well planned, and it should involve those who are close to the subject of the intervention.

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      I work with clients 18 and up.

      Totally confidential.

      Professionals are welcome and can count on discretion. I can also point you in good direction for legal assistance as well.